Mexico is rich in archeological sites and many are still being excavated.  There are several well known sites, such as Chichen Itza in Yucatan and Teotihuacan near Mexico City, but others are less visited and equally interesting.  Julie and I made a day trip from Querétaro to Tula, a site in the State of Hidalgo.  The bus ride takes about three hours to get to the city of Tula, from which you take a cab to the site itself.

You can see from the attached photos that there is an impressive pyramid in the center of the site, which at its height (600-900 AD) was a settlement of tens of thousands of people who were called Toltecs.   The roof of the structure, which no longer exists, was held up by “atlantes”, or huge figures of warriors.  The museum at the site shows the impressive architectural and artistic skills of these people.  The Toltecs were one of the many groups who occupied central Mexico before being conquered by the Aztecs.  It is interesting to learn that the Aztecs generated ill will among the peoples they conquered and as a result Cortes was able to make allies among them to eventually defeat the Aztecs.

We’ve enjoyed the chance to learn about the pre-hispanic peoples and cultures of Mexico.  Our upcoming Christmas vacation includes a visit to Palenque in the State of Chiapas, so we are looking forward to seeing another remarkable archeological site.


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