Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving, we flew back to the States to visit various family members – our first trip back in a year!  Since we had one week of vacation, we split our time between suburban Houston, where Charlie´s brother and family live, and Sacramento, where my sister lives.  Sorry we weren´t able to visit the Washington D.C. area this time to see friends there.

In Houston, we enjoyed seeing Charlie´s brother, Arthur, his wife, Susan, their two daughters, Erica and Diane, and their golden retriever, Amber.  Erica also bought home her friend Brent and dog Bailey, so the house was full of activity after the girls arrived.  We spent a little time shopping at the local mall for products we either can´t find in Mexico or are more expensive in Mexico, like electronic products.  We even found time to see the latest Harry Potter film (Charlie´s brother and I have read all of the books).  The weather was warm, so we enjoyed taking walks in the Woodlands, where they live.

My sister showed us a good time in the Sacramento area by taking us to see the new addition to the Crocker Art Gallery and to the city of Lodi, where we both grew up.  It had been a couple of years since I had seen downtown Lodi and was impressed with its upscale shops and restaurants, including a brewpub!  My sister and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner in her beautiful newly-renovated kitchen – what a treat, especially given my very basic kitchen here in Querétaro.  We also visited our two half sisters, Genie and Frieda, and Frieda´s husband Fred.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to see all of them.  An extra treat was seeing some of my college friends at a well-known local Chinese restaurant, Frank Fats.  Even though the weather was unusually cold in Sacramento (below freezing for two nights), our time spent there was great, thanks to family and friends.



One Response to “Thanksgiving 2010”

  1. Kimberly Jackson Says:

    Hello Juliet, I am glad that you and Charlie were able to come home and visit with family. Glad you both had a wonderful visit. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Kim Jackson and Family.

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